We are located at:

9190 Ga-5

Douglasville, Ga 30135

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Email: petsetgrooming7191@gmail.com

Tel: 770-949-0579

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Extra Services

Extra services are ones added to a bath or groom

Teeth Brushing - $2

Nail Grinding - $6

Nail Polish - $5

Face Trim - $5 (added to bath packages)

Sani Trim - $5 (added to bath packages)

Low - Shed Services - this includes a special low-shed shampoo and conditioner, blow out, and brush out with a low-shed brush - We add $5 to the basic bath price for every 10 extra minutes we spend on your dog 

(Example: You bring in a husky for a bath. Basic bath price = $40. Your husky takes us an additional 20 minutes to bathe and de-shed.

Total Price = $50)